About Us

Thanks for coming to my site. In case we haven’t met yet, I’m Kevin and I just love passing on my 30 + years of experience repairing and maintaining cars.

I’ve made this site for non-technical drivers who are experiencing problems with their cars.

I want to help you identify what part is causing the issue you’re experiencing, the fixes you can perform yourself, or the likely costs of getting it fixed at a car shop. I’ll use plain language and won’t baffle you with technical talk

Meet the Contributors to This Site

Kevin H

Kevin Carzaza

I’m an experienced mechanic and have worked with and around cars for over 30 years.

I have seen real improvements in both safety and efficiency in that time. When I first started out as a mechanic, there was no ABS, and most cars had inefficient carburetors. How times have changed – for the better.

My first car was a beat-up old VW that constantly let me down. It was so old that on one occasion when filling up with petrol, the nozzle broke through the rusty inlet to the fuel tank and deposited a liter of fuel on my rear wheel. The indicators would stick on, and the headlights would turn themselves off for no reason.

I spent a ton of time working under the hood and changing relays in the fuse box. I loved learning how to fix cars and then doing it myself, so it was only natural I became a car mechanic.

I have read all things car fix related for over 30 years and am a self confessed car repair nerd! If I haven’t performed the fix, I’ve read about it and know how to do it.

I’ve owned various cars, from a head-turning Toyota Celica to more mundane Peugeots and Fords.

I loved my Ford Explorer when I had a young family and even converted it to LPG as petrol in the UK is always very expensive.

I’m glad to pass on what knowledge I’ve learned over the last 30 years of driving and fixing cars. I hope you find it useful.

I wish I had more unique images to show on my site, but I never thought I’d be writing on my own website and didn’t feel the need to take any back then!

I also write on Quora, so feel free to check me out over there as well

I’d love to read any feedback you may have, good or bad so please contact me here. I’ll try and reply within two working days.